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Flex Call Tracking Software

You can now have access to one of the most robust call tracking systems available! The Flex software and features are consistently updated to provide you with the best call tracker at an affordable price. Listed below are just a few features our system.

Go to the Call Tracking Software overview for a more comprehensive view of all the details.

The Flex Advantage

✔ Run Unlimited Campaigns ✔ Deliver Call, Email & Text Leads
✔ Record Inbound Calls Create Custom Email & Text Notifications
✔ Create Custom Campaign IVR's ✔ Custom Call Routing Schedules
✔ Web Browser Soft Phone ✔ Only Live Call Transfer On The Market
✔ Analytic, Call Tracking Metrics ✔ Twilio Integration
✔ Multiple Payment Platforms ✔ Automatic Invoicing
✔ No Upcharge on Numbers or Minutes ✔ White Label for Agencies

As you can see our system is very robust and very flexible to meet the needs of most business models. Additionally, we are continually updating and adding new features as suggested by our customers.

Flex Form Tracker

Want a quick and simple way to create website tracking forms that can be delivered straight to your clients? With our form tracker feature you can create a custom form for your website within minutes! Many local marketers focus soley on generating calls for clients but they are leaving money on the table by not offering form leads.

Go to the Form Tracker overview to get a more detailed view of how it works.

  • Create Custom Tracking Forms
  • Copy & Paste Code to Your Website
  • Deliver Leads to Clients in Realtime
  • Also Works with Existing Forms
  • View Form Metrics

Already have a lead form on your website? You can generate a unique tracking url and have the lead posted and delivered through your system! Leads can be sent to; a single client, multiple clients or set in a round robin method.

Browser Soft Phone

The softphone is a very flexible feature that gives you even more control of your business. You can use it to accept and make calls for your own business or even prescreen incoming calls for clients. Having the option to prescreen calls for clients offers the clients a higher quality lead that they will be willing to pay more for.

Go to the Softphone overview for a more comprehensive view of all the details & features.

  • Accept Incoming / Make Outgoing Calls
  • Transfer Callers to Other Operators
  • LIVE Transfer Callers to Clients
  • Manage Multiple Campaigns in One Dashboard
  • Customize Greetings, Recording Notices & Hold Music
  • Create & Assign Unlimited Operators

If you like to have complete control over all your incoming calls then you will enjoy our browser phone! The possiblities on how you can use this feature are almost endless.

Automatic Invoicing

Whether you offer Pay Per Lead, Flat Price Services with Prepaid or Post Paid options, we have simplied the tedious task of invoicing. You can automatically invoice each client at your specified intervals.

Go to the Automatic Invoicing overview for a more comprehensive view of all the details & features.

  • Custom Invoices (Your Name & Logo)
  • Supports Pay Per Lead or Flat Price Services
  • Offer Prepaid or Post Paid Options
  • Specify Invoice Dates for Each Client
  • Send Invoices Via Text/Email or Both
  • Option to Suspend Non-Payers
  • Saves You Time & Money

We offer a simple to use invoice template that allows you to specify your Logo, Company Name, Contact Info & Colors. This automatic invoicing feature is like having a full time accounts receivable person without the cost!

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